SHPP Brestjanska 138

Buidling start:


August 2011

March 2013

Location: Village Brest, Municipality/City of Skopje
River: Brestjanska
Investor: EMK d.o.o.e.l. mali hidroelektrani
General data:

Installed flow, Qinst.: 0,45 m³/sec
Pipeline diameter: DN 600 mm
Length of the pipeline: 2.590 m
Turbine: 1 Pelton turbine

Installed capacity: 591 kW
Yearly production: 2.280.000 kWh

Yearly savings in CO2: 1.130.000 kg

Providing electricity for:

Approx. 8.000 households


Contribution to the nature:

CO2 savings: 13.650 t/year

Energy Eastern Europe

Hydro Power GmbH

Thomas Klestil Platz 14

1030 Vienna



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